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Stay Healthy

In addition to the CDC's recommendations, we want to remind you that staying healthy means keeping your immune system strong 💪 ✔ Eat healthy. Anxiety can cause stress eating junk foods. Avoid sugary foods that can lower your immune system ✔ Workout. This is a no brainer. Your gyms and studios are doing everything we can to make sure your experience is safe and clean. Get to your workout which will receive stress and will take your mind off of what's going on for an hour a day. ✔ Wash your hands. Okay, we keep saying this but we really mean it. And watch where you put your hands. Don't touch metal surfaces. Don't touch too many common surfaces. Use your sleeve to get in and out of places, etc. ✔ Build your support system. Talk to your friends from around the world, check in with your loved ones, seek counseling from an online therapist, and so on. If you have a solid support system, you'll be able to tame your stress. ✔ Don't drink to pass the time. If you're working from home or "stuck inside", drinking is not the answer. Sure, a glass of red wine is okay, but don't turn your attention to the bottle. Instead, take out the board games, catch up on your sleep, cook with your family, and so on.

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Warm up 3 rounds Slow jog 90 seconds Run 30 seconds as fast as possible Conditioning 2 rounds In 4 minutes 1/4 mile run 12 kb clusters 53/35 Max cal bike in remaining time Rest 2 minutes In 4 minutes

2/19/24 front squat, and barbell row

Warm up 30 second L hang 30 second handstand hold 30 seconds wall facing squat hold Then 3 rounds 3 weighted or negative pull ups 6 wall facing squats 9 inch worm push ups Strength Front squat 3x4 Bar

2/17/24 ultra

Warm up 1/4 mile run Create a stretch ever one minute each side ultra 4 xs 100 meter farmers carry 53s/35s 1/4 mile run 3 xs 10 plate over burpees 10/10 reverse lunges with the plate 45/25 2xs 5 plate

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