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Coach John

Qualifications and credentials

2001-Interned as student trainer for Montclair State University's athletic program

-Began working as a personal trainer

2004-Graduated Montclair State University with a degree in Exercise Science

-Obtained the credential of a certified Strength & Conditioning specialist offered by the National strength & Conditioning Association

-Served as strength coach for the FDNY Boxing Team

2007-Certified Exercise Nutritionist

2008-Certified Kettlebell Specialist KBC

2010-Began running classes in Howard beach

2012-Opend gym under the name Primal Fitness, CrossFit certified and affiliated

2013-Changed gym name to Howard Beach CrossFit, Competed in CrossFit Open

2014-Certified Movement & Mobility Specialist, Competed in CrossFit Open

2015-Certified CrossFit Kids, Competed in CrossFit Open and Spartan Sprint

2016-Certified Level 2 CrossFit Coach

2018-Competed In CrossFit Open and 1 Duathlon

2019-Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Competed in CrossFit Open and Spartan Beast

2020-Changed name to Stormborn Strength

2021-Competed in CrossFit Open as well as 4 Duathlons

2022-Competed in CrossFit Open, 1 Duathlon and spartan Beast

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