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Adjusted Schedule 

For the time being we will reduce our schedule to 2 classes a day 830am and 5pm which will be at the park, (weather permitting) I will post an at home WOD everyday that you can do on your own, in case we dont have class or you cant make it Tomorrows forecast is saying rain in the morning but clear by 5 So there will be no morning class but the 5pm will be on unless the forecast changes The at home WOD will be posted on the app everyday On the days we have park workouts, bring a pair of full finger gloves and a yoga mat or towel for floor work So I am not filling your inbox up with constant emails, I will just give updates on the sugarwod app Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience and I am trying to make this work for everybody

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Warm up 200 meter run 200 meter row 20 sec active hang 10 burpees 10 goblet squats Hyrox AMRAP50 10 pull ups-Kipping is ok 20 push ups 30 squats Run, round 1-50 meters, round 2-100 meters, round 3-150


Warm up Mixed cardio, 10 minutes Conditioning 3 rounds In 3 minutes 10/10 db snatches Max cal bike in the remaining time Rest 2 minutes Then In 3 minutes 20 box jumps Max cal ski in the remaining time

5/16/24 barbell row

Warm up 1 minute row 20 second L sit 30 kb swings Strength Barbell row -Build a heavy 6 Then 5 rounds 3/3 cosac squats 3 barbell rows Max unbroken dips Extra 4 rounds 10-15 single arm rows 10-15 db in


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