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8/22/23 Back squat x4

Warm up

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:/4/24 back squat/ strict press

Warm up 30 second handstand hold 1 minute row 30/30 second side plank Then 3 rounds 5 cal bike 5 cal skil Max strict chest to bar pull ups Strength Back squat 3x4 Strict press 3x4 20s Bench press Barb


Warm up 200 meter run 20 second goblet squat hold 1 minute row 5 inch worm push ups 5/5 reverse lunges 5 burpees ULTRA PFT-Personnel Fitness Test 1000 meter run 50 burpee broad jumps 100 lunges 1000


Warm up 1 minute row Worlds greatest stretch 1 minute each side 10 floor to overheads 5 inch worm push ups 5 double db snatches 5 burpees Conditioning A or B A Crossfit Open Workout 24.1 21-15-9 rx 50

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