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Melee on the Bay has officially been postponed til the late spring early summer

Thursday night will be our first complimentary intro class which we will have every week at 6 PM, book here

We are starting a new challenge this upcoming monday called the #stormborn50milechallenge

the rules will be out soon

Todays workout

Staggered IGoUGO for 30 minutes

7 double db thrusters 50s/35s

7 pull ups

200 m run

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Warm up 1 minute row Then 3 rounds 5/5 single leg romanian deadlifts 5/5 split squats Then 5 Clean pulls Strength Power cleen Build a heavy 2 Conditioning For time 15-12-9-6-3 Strict pull ups Cal bike

Warm up 1 minute plank 10 rear delt flys 100 meter run 10 hand release push ups 100 meter run Strength Bench press-Build a heavy 4 Then 3x2 Conditioning ABA A-3 rounds for time (3 minute cap) 6 strict

Warm up 2 minute row 1 minute bike 30/30 second side plank Strength Back squat-Build a heavy 6 Then Back squat 3x3 Conditioning 10 Rounds For Time 9 cal row 7 burpees 5/5 pistol squats

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