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Hey Guys

A few notes

Melee On the Bay is this Saturday, make sure you sign up if you haven't already done so

We now offer a complimentary intro class on Thursday evenings from 6-7 PM

This is for people that have never done a class with us in the past or havent done one with us in a long time and may not know how our classes are run

The link to book is here


3 rounds for time

Work 1 minute/ forced rest 1 minute

30 butpees

30/21 cal bike

30/30 alternating kb swings 35/25

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Warm up 3 rounds Slow jog 90 seconds Run 30 seconds as fast as possible Conditioning 2 rounds In 4 minutes 1/4 mile run 12 kb clusters 53/35 Max cal bike in remaining time Rest 2 minutes In 4 minutes

2/19/24 front squat, and barbell row

Warm up 30 second L hang 30 second handstand hold 30 seconds wall facing squat hold Then 3 rounds 3 weighted or negative pull ups 6 wall facing squats 9 inch worm push ups Strength Front squat 3x4 Bar

2/17/24 ultra

Warm up 1/4 mile run Create a stretch ever one minute each side ultra 4 xs 100 meter farmers carry 53s/35s 1/4 mile run 3 xs 10 plate over burpees 10/10 reverse lunges with the plate 45/25 2xs 5 plate

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