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Today marks the first day of the #stormborn50milechallenge

The ruls are as follows

  1. To begin, you must post that you are begining the challenge on social media, tag 3 nonmembers (inviting them to join) and check in at stormborn strength

  2. After that you must track your distance on the runkeeper app by sharring your distance on fb or ig

  3. First person to 50 miles of walking wins

Please feel free to ask whatever question you may have

This challenge is only available to members and people jnvited by members

Todays workout

Part 1-build a heavy

6 strict presses + 3 push presses

Part 2-ABA

A-2 minute cap

3 rounds for time

10 alternating kb rows 53/35

5 kb front squats


3 strict presses +3 push presses

Part 3-Accessory

3x5 seated good mornings

3x7 Lat pull down

3x9 Tricep ext with rope

3x11 strict sit ups

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