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Warm up

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Warm up 1 minute handstand hold Then 34 rounds 5/4 cal bike 4/4 single arm bottoms up press (increase weight each round) 3 weighted or negative pull ups (increase weight each round) Strength Strict pr

Warm up 3 rounds 10 kb swings (increase weight each round) 20/20 second side plank (Raise top leg) 30 second banded goblet squat hold Strength Deadlift-Build a heavy 1 Conditioning Rx 44/25 10/10 alt

Warm up 5 minute mixed cardio 80-90% Circuit A-B-A-B A-AMRAP3 7 wall ball 7 db hammer curls Rest 1 minute B-AMRAP3 7 kb high pulls 7 dips Extra credit 3 rounds 10 rear delt flys 20/20 second side plan

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