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7/22/23 power snatch x 3

Warm up

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Warm up 3 rounds bike slow 50 seconds Bike fast 10 seconds 3 rounds Row easy pace 40 seconds Row fast 20 seconds Conditioning 15-12-9-6-3 7 minute cap Cal bike Strict pull ups Rest 3 minutes 15-12-9-6

2/26/24 Deadlifts and bench press

Warm up 1 minute row 30/30 second side plank 10/10 single leg deadlifts 5 inch worm push ups Strength Deadlift 1x4 Bench press 3x4 20s Db front squat Underhand grip row Db push press Close grip bench


warm up 1/4 mile run 10 sit ups 10 goblet squats 10 burpees ULTRA Buy in 100 meter walking lunges Then 3 rounds 1/4 mike run 25 wall ball Then 3 rounds 400 meter ski 100 meter farmers carry Then Buy o

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