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Telegram RSS Bot To Get RSS Feed Updates In Telegram Messenger

NodeRSSBot is a free Telegram RSS bot to get RSS feed updates in Telegram messenger. This bot lets you subscribe to the RSS feed of various websites, blogs and then get you updates regularly. It refreshes your subscriptions after a fixed time interval and shows you the updates. You just need to give it URL of the RSS feed of the websites or services you want to subscribe. You can subscribe to as many websites you want and it will keep fetching updates for you. There are various commands that it supports to audit your subscription, add new subscription and remove existing ones.

Telegram RSS Bot to Get RSS Feed Updates in Telegram Messenger

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); How to Get RSS Feed Updates in Telegram Messenger?Getting RSS feed updates in Telegram is very simple. You add NodeRSS bot from here and then simply start it. In case you want to self host it by customizing a few things then you can get its source code. This is an open source Telegram bot and all the technical details are available on its GitHub page.

Now, when there is any update available in the feed, it will notify you. The newest updates are on the top and you can click on the link to see what that is. Also, you can have a look at other commands that it supports. Apart from using commands to add subscriptions, switching language, it supports other commands to end subscription, see all the active subscriptions, and some more. You can see all the other commands below.

You can put the config file in the current folder on where the binary resides or put it in this folder if created $HOME/.telegram-rss-bot, the app should be able to find it here too if you want to have some fixed location for your configuration files.

Hi Benjamin, thank you for the great content ,i got a good idea about my purpose,actually i started learning python and wana create a telegram bot.My goal is to create a telegram bot similar to online wikipedia ,like an encyclopedia.It would be like the user input a text,for example,a Chemical Material, and my bot returns all important information,with images if necessary. Would you be more kind and tell me is there any source which i can get closer to my dream?appreciate your kind reply.cheers

Thanks for an awesome tutorial. I want to know when someone send URL through my telegram bot. my bot need to open that link and send HTML file automatically to the corresponding person. can you help me