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Xiaomi Tgz Images Firmware: What They Are and How to Flash Them Using MiFlash Tool

in the following step, connect the device to the computer with an appropriate data cable and reboot the device by pressing the power button to turn on the device. if the device doesn't turn on and power, please disconnect all external devices and follow the given instructions again. this will ensure that the device is power on and in fastboot mode.

How To Flash Xiaomi Tgz Images Firmware Using MiFlash Tool

the computer should first detect the device. if the device is already detected, you can skip this step. otherwise, you need to wait for the device to show up in the device list on the computer. if this doesn't happen, or if the device won't detect in the device list, then it may be because the driver/firmware isn't compatible with the device in question. in that case, you need to update the firmware or update the driver, depending on what you're working on, to make the device work.

once the device is detected, you will now proceed with the next steps. you need to make sure that the device is in fastboot mode. to do that, you can use the adb reboot bootloader or the command prompt. once the device is in fastboot mode, perform the following steps to gain root access on the device.

the miflash tool allows you to flash the firmware, twrp, backup the rom, and also you can extract the partitions and that too in multiple languages. if you have never worked with a zip file before, you may find some easy-to-understand instructions below.

you can flash all partitions/firmwares together by creating a zip file of all the partitions. the zip file should include android-xx-miui.tfd and android-xx-miui.tfr files. if the device is custom rom enabled, you would need to create android-xx-miui-recovery.


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