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Center Stage YIFY [Extra Quality]

Well, this is what Prince was the best at - making music, playing it and showing his awesome talents on stage. This is what he and his excellent band are doing here. The film is a large live promotion of the then new album, Sing O The Times. Not all best tracks have found their way to this release, but several great cuts are here and they shine, despite some overindulgence on longer solos and too twirly dances. Prince is great in front of the mike, and his pink guitar is his baby, weeping, screaming and singing at his will. The band is very competent, though there is a weaker spot when we are treated to a very nervous, rigid, wooden and terribly unfunky drum solo by usually excellent Sheila E. Well, not this time. The show is very nice, and the band works like a giant precise watch mechanism, displaying traces of true genius here and there. The absolute peak is reached at the very end when Prince starts The Cross - probably, his all-time greatest song with powerful text and mesmerizing melody. The full arrangement is a shiny triumph. 8 out of 10 Why so - there are some great songs being omitted (like, It), and then the film sometimes drags and dangles at places.

Center Stage YIFY

Prince performs to his fans with the odd fantasy acting inserts.Directed by the main man himself.The 1980's was a baron time for the creation of pop legends - so the arrival of Prince was extra welcome. While I am not really a massive buyer of his music, that doesn't mean that I am not a terrific admirer of his all-round talent.Indeed his abilities in dancing, singing, guitar playing and song writing are world class - and maybe even that is an edited list! Talk about Mr. Talented! Has anybody ever brought together such stage talents in one (tiny) package? And what diversity of music: From rap to pop to metal, he can do it all AND he can do it all well. Even seems to be enjoying it too.Not a bad taste employer either - some great support musicians, male and female. The man himself even seems happy to let them command the stage while he does something else - play the drums for example! Sure it can't really act and he is a bit weird - but we can't have it all. Having that much talent would drive all of us crazy one way or another.So get the TV cranked up high, sit back and watch a legend performing in a decade that he more owned than influenced. There won't be another - so make the most of him.

After the clampdown on The Pirates bay, YIFY took center stage for media files. Started by a college student, YIFY quickly became the destination for movies in High-definition picture quality. 041b061a72