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Miles Gomez

Download Energetic Happy Summer Rock Mp3 [REPACK]

Uplifting and fun pop with happy summer vibes and and an addictive feel-good mood, this playful synth pop is bright and bouncy and perfect for TV, web and radio advertising, vlogs, lifestyle videos, fashion, event promos, podcasting and so much more!

Download Energetic Happy Summer Rock mp3

Adrenaline fuelled, hard hitting cinematic motivational rock. This powerful and energetic track is great for TV, radio and web advertising, exciting sport videos, fitness & health, vlogs, event promo, social media, adventure and travel, racing, video game soundtracks, podcasting, fighting, video montages, achievement videos and much more!

Exciting indie synthpop rock that is upbeat and motivational. This positive and uplifting pop background music is great for TV, web and radio advertisement, action sports, lifestyle, fashion, sport & fitness, travel, summer holiday / vacation videos, presentations, epic event videos, festival & party promo, video games, podcast, social media.

Fast forward to seven years ago or so, I just remember him randomly and download one other album besides his debut with \u201CSailing\u201D on it, and it happened to be his 1984 album Every Turn of the World. When I first listened to that I was driving to my partner\u2019s mom\u2019s house in northern Michigan for Christmas, by myself. And it was just so\u2014I don\u2019t want to say I was blown away like I was super impressed because it\u2019s like, not anything incredibly special, it\u2019s just \u201980s soft rock\u2014, but there\u2019s just something about his songs and the way they felt when I heard them that was just so powerful and I\u2019ve been a Cross nut ever since. His songs get sampled frequently in MindSpring Memories, and I did a cover once. I\u2019ve done a few covers actually. And I just love him. He\u2019s so normal. He\u2019s just, like, a nice old man in a fedora.

\u201CBrown Knife\u201D has jagged guitars intersecting with frolicking piano melodies. Over them is Maruse, his vocals lumbering over in a tired, exasperated manner, though it isn\u2019t long before he lets out full-bodied screams. Post-rock passages periodically appear, at once mellow and tense. There\u2019s a particularly unsettling feel to the one that appears midsong, with vocals at their most ghastly, the piano sounding deceptively nostalgic, the guitars sounding pained in every strum and rung-out note. \u201CThe Belt of Sleep Freeze\u201D similarly weaves in and out of energetic moods, though it begins with an extended intro that leads into slow-burning post-hardcore. The pacing is more lethargic, but all it does is grant a mesmerizing grandeur to the proceedings. \u2014Joshua Minsoo Kim 041b061a72