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[S1E10] Come Back To Me

Mary Alice Young: Trust is a fragile thing. Once earned, it affords us tremendous freedom, but once trust is lost, it can be impossible to recover. Of course, the truth is we never know who we can trust. Those we're closest to can betray us... and total strangers can come to our rescue. In the end, most people to decide to trust only themselves. It really is the simplest way to keep from getting burned.

[S1E10] Come Back to Me

Emma breaks the news to Mary that Theresa tried to kill her, but Mary refuses to believe the truth. In fact, Mary pushing Theresa to do swimming lessons was where this all started. It turns out she was being abused by the coach. Every time Mary pushed her back to swimming, she was really pushing Theresa into the arms of her abuser. Emma pleads with Mary to tell the truth and show some compassion.

Murderer Mary heads home and finally gets some comeuppance. All of her credit card receipts and ties to John are laid out on the table. However, Mary brushes this aside and invites the swim coach in, shutting the door after her.

Maisy: "Well maybe if it was just my secret. But the way I see it, I keep the secrets of every man who comes to me. And I find that absolutely exhilarating. A few years back, Harold lost his job, and we had to give up our membership at the country club. And then one day one of my club friends asked why she hadn't seen me around lately, and I told her that we couldn't afford it anymore. She waved it off like it was nothing. But I saw her...get that look in her eye, that look of...pity."

She hangs up, then turns on the stereo to the song Here I Am (Come And Take Me). As she gets ready for Mike to come over by throwing rose petals on the bed and floor, she sings along, dancing as she sings.

For the next while, Gabrielle transfers everything of value from her place to Bree's. When she's done, Bree comes over and stands with Gabrielle to look at the garage, which is completely filled now with Gabrielle's belongings.

Edie, still looking for Mrs. Huber, thinks about breaking into her house. Edie asks Lynette if she has a key to Mrs. Huber's house, saying that she left her laptop there with personal information she doesn't want other to see. Lynette doesn't help her. Commenting on Lynette's new nanny, Edie says she herself had a nanny when she was young, a social worker while her mother was in jail for shoplifting. She was glad when she got her mom, the lesser of two evils, back. Edie gets the police to look for Mrs. Huber.

The episode picked up where Shooter Season 1 Episode 9 left off, with the Swaggers trying to put together a plan after Nadine informed them that Grigory kidnapped Mary and took her to the Russian embassy. As we've come to learn, hell hath no fury like a Swagger scorned.

The Swaggers wasted no time getting down to business, orchestrating a plan to get their daughter back. Julie raising hell with the Russian ambassador and drawing attention to the kidnapping was perfect.

It didn't really seem like Bob Lee needed that much help, though he appreciated the backup. I mean the second Nadine and Isaac got involved, they both ended up shot. Fortunately for Nadine, her Kevlar saved her.

She has literally become his protege, and that makes me happy. Both of them seem like the loner type, and neither of them seem to have friends but they've bonded through this insane experience and their friendship/partnership seems like something that will last.

I started Wherever I Look back in 2011 and have aimed to be that friend who loves watching various forms of media and talking about it. So, from bias, strong opinions, and a perspective you may not have thought about, you'll find that in our reviews.

Elsa: Wanna know my greatest fear about dyin'? It's bein' forgotten. And I can't understand why, 'cause I won't be here to know anyone forgot me. What a silly thing to scare me.James: Nobody's gonna forget you, Elsa. And you ain't dyin'. You should be dead, but you pay about as much attention to the rules of nature as you pay of mine.Elsa: You look at me like I'm dyin'.James: I look at you for what you are -- the most important thing to me on this planet. That comes with a lot of worry. 'Cause I can't replace you.

Wade: It was a helluva thing ridin' with you.Elsa: It was a helluva thing ridin' with you.Colton: It wasn't the damndest drive that I was prettier 'an you. You'll always be the one that got away, Elsa.Elsa: Colton, you gotta be pretty damned good lookin' to think the one you never had got away from you. Go back to Texas, you pretty son of a bitch.

I've lost a daughter, too. Time will come you'll blame yourself, think it's your fault for givin' her so much rein. Maybe it is your fault. But I don't say it is. I've watched this girl for the last six months, and she has outlived us all. I'm 75 years old, and she has out-smiled me, out-loved me, out-fought me. She's outlived me. She's outlived all of us.

By the time the credits rolled, it was a year in the future, but we didn't know how the Duttons managed their grief. Saying goodbye to everyone else, we have to wait for a cameo on another show in the Dutton universe or 1883 Season 2 to see what comes next.

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