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[S6E19] New Leads

When a psychic is found dead in her own shop, the evidence leads Greg to believe she foresaw her own death. Greg also reveals a family secret as a form of aid to Grissom in solving the case, but Grissom firmly adheres to using his scientific methods to find out what happened. Meanwhile, Detective Packey Jameson, an old friend of Brass, links the case to one he worked on years ago in which the victim was involved and persuades the CSIs to help him revive his old case.

[S6E19] New Leads


Rigby is seen on the couch, sleeping with his eyes open but is awakened by Mordecai barging in with a big box, Mordecai reveals a game system and a game that they never beat as kids, this is their chance to finally beat the game. So they decide to use their day off to beat the game. After beating the game, the game's developer Maury Moto reveals a secret map that leads to a golden video game patch, Mordecai tells Rigby to take a picture as they accept this challenge, however the camera seems to be unable to correctly photograph the 8 bit pixel.They have an another idea, to bring the TV with them. Conveniently Skips walks by and they ask if he has some magical way of keeping the TV on without being plugged in: Skips then connects a car battery to the TV, now that they are mobile they ask skips to magically get them to the address given on the map, so Skips asks for gas money. This is all done for humor, since Skips is using conventional means.

Martha and Clark arrive at the Smallville Medical Center where Lionel is being treated. He is badly injured, but he tells Clark that the tunnels are too complicated and full of debris for a rescue team to find Lex. He pleads with Clark to go find him and Clark looks conflicted.

Lana meets Martha at the hospital and pleads with the doctor to let her speak to Lionel. He relents and Lana enters. She seems concerned for Lionel until she presses into his injured hand. She demands to know why Lionel forced her into marrying Lex when he knew that Lex was orchestrating a fake pregnancy. Lionel doesn't respond until she knots his IV to make him talk. She tells him that if she killed him right now, she would be free and asks him to give her one reason not to. Lionel only says he's protecting Clark, and then he is taken into surgery. The police found a locked briefcase in Lex's car. Lana collects it and takes it back to the Luthor Mansion and shoots the locks off. She finds schematics, documents, and a disc labeled "ARES", which is a tourist video of Patagonia, Argentina. She watches in horror as a strange creature flies into the scene and kills the TV host and the camera man.

When Stella was younger, she had a totally different look where she wore a pair of white glasses and had some what messy hair. In "Win-X Together!", it was revealed that when she was younger she had a crush on some boy called Robby, but he had a crush on the prettiest girl in her old class, Kimberly. Stella cast a spell on Kimberly so she could not go to the school dance, but instead, Robby spent the whole night taking care of Kimberly and holding her hand, which upsets Stella. Later as time went on, Stella and a little puppy of hers were on a scavenger hunt to find a rare plant but instead, she found a special tree which leads to a secret tunnel and tied a ribbon to it so she knew which tree it was, and it became very handy for her and later, for the Winx. When Stella first went to Alfea, she accidentally destroyed the potions lab, an action that got her expelled but, readmitted. 041b061a72


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