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Every Little Thing Every Best Single COMPLETE: A Review of the Ultimate Collection

Every Little Thing Every Best Single COMPLETE: A Review of the Ultimate Collection

Every Little Thing is a Japanese pop duo that debuted in 1996 and has released over 40 singles and 11 albums. They are known for their catchy melodies, beautiful harmonies, and diverse musical styles. Their songs have been used in various anime, dramas, movies, and commercials.

Every Little Thing Every Best Single COMPLETE

If you are a fan of Every Little Thing or want to discover their music, you might be interested in their compilation album Every Best Single COMPLETE. This album was released in 2009 to celebrate their 10th anniversary and contains 50 songs from their debut single Feel My Heart to their latest single at the time Tsumetai Ame. It also includes two DVDs with 39 music videos and a documentary.

In this article, we will review Every Best Single COMPLETE and highlight some of the best songs and videos from this amazing collection.

Disc 1: The Early Hits

The first disc of Every Best Single COMPLETE covers the period from 1996 to 1998, when Every Little Thing was a trio with Mitsuru Igarashi as the producer and keyboardist. This disc features some of their most popular and iconic songs, such as Future World, Time Goes By, and Shapes of Love. These songs showcase their signature sound of upbeat pop with synth elements and catchy hooks.

Some of the highlights from this disc are:

  • For the Moment: A cheerful and energetic song that expresses the joy of living in the present. The chorus is especially catchy and uplifting.

  • Deatta Korono Youni: A beautiful ballad that showcases Kaori Mochida's vocals and expresses the longing for a lost love. The song has a nostalgic and melancholic atmosphere.

  • Over and Over: A powerful rock song that features Ichiro Ito's guitar skills and a string arrangement by Jeremy Lubbock. The song has a dramatic and epic feel.