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Come on ladies, admit it: YOU OWN ONE TOO MANY PAIRS OF SHOES. No need to be ashamed, the tango made us do it! And luckily for us, the most luxurious and wildly popular brand of hand-made tango shoes, COMME IL FAUT, is available direct from Buenos Aires through Maleva Shoes! Comme il Fauts are the Manolo Blahniks of dance footwear: ultra chic, outrageously sexy, and superbly crafted with the most unique colors and finest leathers -- and don't forget that very distinctive stiletto heel. Don't let the heel scare you - it is designed specifically for walking backwards and is perfectly positioned to provide incredible stability as you dance. The leather soles are are durable and can be worn in the street as well as the dance floor. Unparalleled elegance, craftmanship and luxury - that's the incomparable Comme il Faut.Check your size to see what we currently have in stock for you. Comme il Faut makes each design in batches of just 60 pairs so each pair is essentially a limited edition item. The colors and materials are constantly changing so there is always something exciting. Maleva Shoes receives a sampling of different models in different sizes from their workshop every 2 months. This is great because you'll probably be the only person at the milonga with your pair. If you come across something in your size that you like, don't wait to make it yours!

comilfo shoes


Ok, so you've got the what? Welcome to our first blog post on tango embellishments and how to use those beautiful feet! What are embellishments?Embellishments are little flourishes that...

While in Buenos Aires we stumbled across a curious manufacturing operation nestled in an alley and realized it was a unique opportunity for CH Video. Alicia Muñiz, the founder and designer of Comme il Faut, has been dancing tango most of her life. Dissatisfied with the available tango shoes Muñiz decided to go ahead and make her own. Seeking to bring a higher level of fashion and design into her shoes, Muñiz broke the mold and created one of the most sought after and successful line of tango footwear in the world. 041b061a72