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MestReNova 6.0.2 Pro Portable Fi

In MestReNova 6.0.2 version, the project manager has the following sections:

MestReNova 6.0.2 Pro Portable Fi


  • General data: It permits you to enter some general data that will be applied to all of the projects in the project manager. MestReNova 6.0.2 will keep track of these data for all the different applications you create. This includes the collection of spectra, the spectra analysis, and the spectra visualization.

  • Project parameters: You can add some project-specific parameters. For instance, you can consider a run as a reaction or a spectrum as an entire experiment.

  • Project: This is the main section of the MestReNova. You can create as many projects as you want for each of your experiments or projects. All the information regarding your projects can be accessed via your project manager.

MestReNova is a graphical and interactive software for manipulation and analysis of spectrometry data. Although relatively simple, it uses text and graphics to help you perform most functions and achieve the desired results. Because of MestReNova's easy-to-use features, it is suited to use in a wide variety of teaching and research applications.

Figure 2 shows the files view of the MestReNova 6.0.2 (MacOSX). You can make a change on any file in the project. The change will be shown in the files view. Also, you can make a change on a file, save the project and close MestReNova 6.0.2, and the change will remain in the project.

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