When you sign up for one of our group class programs, you're not only getting the most intensive, effective and efficient strength and conditioning programs around, you are also joining a community of like minded people that prioritize their health and fitness and celebrate your achievements like their own.

30 MIN H.I.I.T.

30 minutes of high intensity interval training with the main objective to improve your cardio conditioning and rev up your fat metabolism 

Also a great way to get comfortable with CrossFit training


A general fitness program for all levels that uses a combination of weightlifting, cardio and body weight exercises either done on their own or circuits amongst a multitude of different ways to make the daily challenge which is rarely if ever repeated.

An intro is mandatory


For those that are either following their own fitness program, have a hard time making it to scheduled classes or want to spend extra time improving at something we offer open gym use.

This comes with all membership options or on its own


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